Friday, June 18, 2010

Date Night for Seniors

Okay Seniors this is a winner. I just found a great Date Night for Seniors and there were very few Senior there. Filled with young couples and kids having a great time. Great food, fabulous music, all around fun place to spent an evening. Downtown Disney! Free parking for 3 hours, 5 hours with validation, last night there were music groups in three separate areas, a violin player named Drew close to Brennans, he was spectacular and a Latin band down by The Rain Forest Cafe.

Sit outside and enjoy coffee and a Beignet, try a Jalapeno Pretzel or enjoy dinner at any number of really great restaurants. Brennan's is my all time favorite, their food is amazing. Lynne had Pecan Crusted Salmon and I enjoyed a Crawfish salad. Joe and Johnny both had fillet with dirty rice and fried green tomatoes. Be sure to order one Chocolate Souffle to share, one souffle with 4 forks please.

The fireworks show from Disney can easily be seen from any area in Downtown. It begins around 9:30, during the summer it is a little later.

You never outgrown your need to be childlike.

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