Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday, May 6, 2011. Surprise, Surprise California just found 11 billion dollars in funds. As soon as they convinced teachers, firemen, police and the general public that there was no money and if Meg Whittman gets elected there will be no more pensions, your salary will be cut, and you will lose your benefits so you better vote for Jerry Brown. It work JB, and now they find this lost money. JB is our Hero! California will be saved by JB. And the public will buy another lie.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Another Old Lady Birthday Celebration. What fun. Pattie turns #@*. Bobbie flew out from Austin for the week, left her dog with Jennifer. Jen just loves that dog with her whole heart! NOT!

Slower pace every year, we are now all three tucked in our beds and sound asleep by 10 p.m. We party down by watching travel logs and the cooking channel.

Absolutely beautiful weather for March, sunny and warm, view of the snow covered mountains, cool breeze. Spent one whole day touring the wineries in Temecula. They have grown into being a real tourist attraction, great restaurants, unique gift shops, spectacular gardens and wine tasting all together in one stop. We must have visited 8 or 9 wineries without ever tasting any wine.

Toured Calvary Chapel Murrieta Conference Center, spectacular place, a beautiful mixture of the old and the new. They kept the old buildings and restored them to their original condition and added new dorms for the students. Hot springs, fountains, pool and hot tub. Luxury and Love. Filled with the love of the Lord, you just feel it when you drive through heavily guarded gates.

Last night together, Temecula Merc Theater presents, Andrew Loyd Webber tribute. Music from Phantom, Sunset Strip, and many more, amazing talent!

Sister bonding at its best.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Why Exactly Do We Live In California?

Today is January 15, 2011, in O C it is 82.

Texas and North---Snow

Mid West Flooding

California, day at the beach.

Oh yea, that's why.

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Years in Texas 2011

Camp Honescko! All of us were together in Texas for the New Year.

Cook, eat and play games for one week.

Andrew, Dylan and Jake gave us a scooter show on New Years Eve, jumping through the air at high speeds on new scooters they got for Christmas. Johnny, Jake, Andrew and Dylan headed out to Allen to visit the skate board park. That place is crazy, a hundred skaters all going in different directions at the same time and no one collided. Andrew and Dad built a model car together and Andrew built a Lego building made for 15 year olds, all by himself.

Mr. Cool got a 1963 Ford Fairlane in mint condition for his birthday last November. He will get his license in 5 weeks, watch out Frisco here he comes. He is "Stylen".

Ellie taught Hannah and Scout the art of eye makeup and Joe spent time in the kitchen with his assistant chefs; Dylan, Andrew and Jake--Papa bonding time.

Also had time with the "Real Housewives of Frisco Texas"; Toni, Alyssa, Gina and Annette. Visited Dallas and saw the place where JFK was assassinated, that day is forever etched in my mind. Went to the Dallas Farmers Market and Lulu's thrift shop. Dallas is a beautiful city.

A family vacation at it's best.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Texas Here We Come

Leaving for Tx in the morning for 5 days. Spankey is safely tucked away at the doggy hotel. Lynne, Johnny and Scout are packed into carry on bags and Joe and I are ready to go. Just bought the biggest purse I could find, that and one carry on should keep me happy for 5 days. I even got one bottle of Almond Champagne in my bag, hope I don't hit any bumps along the way, what a mess that could make. But after all we will be there on New Years Eve and Almond Champagne is Joe's favorite. It is amazing how much you can get in one small bag.

Time with my boys and their families, just about the best vacation I can imagine, except for Hawaii this summer with all of us, that is going to be the best. Love those kids.

Scout was in Tx this summer and all her "friends" are anxiously waiting to see her. You have got to love FB, keeps you informed as to what your grandkids are up to. How could she have so many boys in Tx that are her friends, she was only there one week? Oh the glories of being 17. Next entry will be from Tx.

Post Script: Ooops, What was I thinking, I know you can't take more than 6 oz of liquid in your carry on, so bye bye Champagne, hope someone enjoyed it.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Look at that angelic face, could that dog ever do anything wrong?


Pattie took him home to dog sit for a week so we could all go to Texas and visit the boys.

Now he is a hunter, and he does need to mark his territory and he is quite strong for a little dog, so I guess there were no surprises when he tried and almost succeeded at killing her cat, eating the cat food, peeing and pooping all over her house and generally speaking just being a normal dog. I was on my way to Murrietta at 5:45 a.m this morning to rescue Pattie, and save Spankey's from a possible execution.

Poor baby, he is so tired, warn out, Pattie kept him up all night. Spankey is now sleeping on the couch and snoring like a drunken sailor.

Lynne has 36 hours to find a kennel for the week.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

"And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us". And this is Christmas, God wrapped His incredible love for us in Jesus and gave Him to us for a Christmas present.

May this present bring "Joy to the World", as we listen to the "Angels We Have Heard on High", as they "Go Tell It on the Mountain that Jesus Christ is Born", on this "O Holy Night".

Keep a song in your heart this Christmas.